Affiliate Marketing and SEO: Best Practices

Many internet marketers first stumble onto SEO through affiliate marketing. They’ve learned the basics of how to promote other companies’ products online, and are eager to cash in on their new found knowledge and rank a site that generates them a consistent passive income while doing so.

In this post I’ll go through a few of the best practices for affiliate marketing SEO, and what many newbs either overlook or forget.

It Starts With Content

affiliate marketing seoFirstly, I want to point out that no website will rank well if the content ultimately isn’t there. In my experience, you need to have a base level of content, and a few months age to a new site, before it will even begin to climb its way out of the sandbox and make its way towards good rankings

So, what is good content? Well, in the search bots’ eyes, good content is simply original content that includes a diverse array of media and interacts with the rest of the web.

That means that it starts with what you do on page. Writing your own articles and not spinning or copying existing material, including pictures and videos and, where possible, creating your own videos.

It doesn’t stop there, however. To the search engines, good content begins on page, but continues to how the rest of the web interacts with your content. In layman’s terms: it comes down to how people link to your content, how long they stay on your page, whether or not they share it with social media, etc etc.

While you can’t simply go out and buy a ton of links (that’s sure to get you caught on the spam radar by the spiders…), you can go out and market your content, networking with others in your industry and doing everything you can to get your links out there naturally and manually.

To learn more, watch this slightly amusing and very informative video from source wave.

Learning More about Affiliate Marketing

That should be enough to get you started for now, but obviously there’s way more to it than what I can share in a single blog post.

For more information, you should check out this Wealthy Affiliate University reviews from Knolpad, which goes through the basics of what’s included in one of the leading internet marketing courses.

You’ll learn how to get setup with your website, how to market that website naturally and manually, and how to create content that will make it easy to rank for your target keywords and dominate your niche!

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