Affiliate Marketing and SEO: Facts and Myths

affiliate seoIn today’s post I thought I’d take a break from the technical talk about how SEO works and instead focus on a more specific application of SEO principles: affiliate marketing.

The reason I want to focus on this topic today is because affiliate marketing is hands down one of the most common online businesses that people start, without necessarily knowing anything about how the online ecosystem works.

So, I thought I’d take a minute to dispel some myths about affiliate marketing and how it pertains to SEO.

MYTH 1: Affiliate Marketing is the Fastest Way to earn money from SEO

The first myth is really, really far fetched. Many people get into affiliate marketing because they think it’s the best home based business, when the fact is there are much faster and easier ways to start earning money online than to sit back and build affiliate sites.

The truth is that the reason this method of starting a business is so popular is because there are so many programs trying to sell you services related to affiliate marketing. These services range from online courses to various types of affiliate marketing software.

They try to sell you on the fact that you can start a website and in 30-60 days be earning a full time income from that website. The fact is that couldn’t be further from the truth, and there are many people who are duped into believing this, only to be frustrated about their process.

For example, this article from shows just how many Wealthy Affiliate complaints exist, and why people don’t usually talk about them.

MYTH 2: Affiliate Marketing Sites Only Earn Small Sums of Money

The second myth I want to dispel is about how much money affiliate marketing sites can actually earn.

For some reason, there’s an interesting contradiction in the beliefs of novice online business owners. While on the one hand they think affiliate marketing is a great way to get started online (as mentioned above), on the other hand they think that any single affiliate site can’t earn more than a thousand or so dollars a month.

To me, this doesn’t make any sense.

It is very possible to be very successful with affiliate marketing. I’m simply arguing that success doesn’t come overnight.

I know plenty of people who make upwords of $10,000 a month consistently from a single affiliate site. Think about it: if you can build a site and rank it for 10 terms that get an average of 3,000 searches per month, you’ll get about 10,000 visitors per month to your site.

If you’re selling a $100 commission product, and have even a 1% conversion rate, that adds up to $10,000 monthly.

If you know what you’re doing with SEO, that should be a very reasonable expectation to set for yourself.

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